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EYP Denmark



The Association European Youth Parliament (EYP) Denmark is an independent organisation part of the European Youth Parliament / Schwarzkopf Foundation “Young Europe”(EYP/SF) network.


Our activities promote the European dimension and identity in Danish secondary schools by giving the students a chance to participate in a formative, challenging and enriching experience. These events are organized my members of EYP Denmark and take the name of “sessions”.


Since we are addressing the citizens of the future, EYP Denmark encourages young people to be conscious of other cultures and of the unique characteristics of each Member State, to respect differences and to work together for the common good.


EYP Denmark's activities bring students near to international issues and to the democratic process, educating to a critical and independent thinking and to building a constructive dialogue with people from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds. Our association wants to enrich future European citizens by offering them a moment for discussion and confrontation with the aim



of finding innovative solutions to real problems, underlining the importance of intercultural dialogue and reciprocal respect.

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